Chekhov Party

NYC’s Annual CelebratioN of Chekhov’s Birthday!

A Chekhov Variety Show, with vodka, music and readings from Anton Chekhov’s early, funny stuff. In its 9th year!

Produced and hosted by by Laura Strausfeld. Sponsored by Columbia University’s Harriman Institute and Show-Score.

Past performers include Spencer Aste, Molly Rose Avila, Alison Blair, Valorie Curry, Lauren Downey, Ben Holbrook, Robin Miles, Cynthia Nixon, Claudia Orenstein, Jonathan Slaff, Cate Smit, Sam Underwood, Rainn Wilson, Di Zhu and many more. Past musical guests include Joan Osborne with Keith Cotton and Jack Petruzzelli, Lauren Pritchard and the cast of the musical Songbird, and Bobok.

Photo credits: Kevin Yatarola, Grayson Davis